10th East Asia International Symposium on Teacher Education

Teacher training faculties and universities in East Asia hold an international symposium once a year in Japan, China or South Korea on a rotation basis through the International Consortium for Universities of Education (ICUE) in East Asia for which this university is responsible for the Executive Office in Japan. It was the turn of Aichi University of Education to hold the 10th East Asia International Symposium on Teacher Education this year. This symposium was held over two days on October 31 and November 1 with the participation of over 220 presidents, vice presidents and teacher training researchers from teacher training universities in Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Mongolia.

In addition to President Toshisada Deguchi, Director & Vice President Tadashi Hasegawa, Professor Yasuyuki Iwata and Associate Professor Makoto Shimoda, three doctoral graduate school students attended this event from this university.

On the first day, Hitomi Goto, President of Aichi University of Education, gave the opening remarks and keynote speech under the main theme of “increasing the sophistication of teacher training in the global era.” Following on from this, a symposium was held on “increasing the sophistication of teacher training in graduate schools.” There was discussion about the state of teacher training graduate schools and existing graduate school master’s programs. There was also debate about the outlook for doctoral programs, including Ed.D courses. Moreover, the decision was made to hold a symposium in Central China Normal University in the next fiscal year in the Presidents’ Conference that was held in the afternoon. In the afternoon on the first day and on the second day, oral presentations and poster sessions were held to publish research. There were presentations by Professor Iwata and Associate Professor Shimoda from this university. The poster sessions held by young researchers became an opportunity to actively exchange research.

The ICUE has promoted various activities by setting up a Steering Committee centered on six universities (Tokyo Gakugei University, Osaka Kyoiku University, Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University, Seoul National University of Education and Kongju National University of Education) with the cooperation of 44 teacher training faculties and universities in East Asia. However, at this symposium, the Steering Committee confirmed that it is proceeding with its investigations into the state of the consortium in the future and amendments to the regulations.

This symposium made it possible to lively exchange opinions about various challenges pertaining to teacher training shared by the participating countries and unique circumstances. This event became an opportunity to lead to further developments in the field of teacher training in the East Asian

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Program on the Day

Presentation Materials of Professor Iwata
How Prospective Teachers Grow in the Era of Globalization?
An Action Research on a Pre-service Program with Short-term Tour From Tokyo to Hong Kong

Presentation Materials of Associate Professor Shimoda
(Joint Presentation with Assistant Professor Zhang Yang of Hokkaido University)
Research on the Current Status of Faculty Development in Teacher Colleges and Departments: Based on the Results of a Questionnaire Survey to Four-year Public/Private Universities-