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Video "Diatoms"
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Video "Diatoms"

The video "Diatoms" is composed of three parts that can be viewed on the website or after down loading. Part 1: Introduction and collection of diatoms. Part 2: Preparation of permanent slide. Part 3: Observation of diatoms.

 Part 1
Diatoms are briefly introduced and the way to collect diatoms is demonstrated (4 min 31sec)
Streaming (Youtube)

 Part 2
Proper preparation of diatom slides is demonstrated (5 min36sec)
Streaming (Youtube)

 Part 3
Diatom species that vary with changing water quality are shown under the microscope (5 min 37sec)
Streaming (Youtube)

Visual knowledge
Short movies introducing further information about diatoms.
【1】What's diatoms? (3min 38sec)
【2】Origin of the name and the valve structure. (3min 34sec)
【3】Who eats diatoms? (2min 7sec)
【4】Treatment of tap water and sewage.
【5】Use of diatoms (9min 2sec)
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