In school education, teachers are asked to not only teach the knowledge and skills of academic subjects, but also generic skills (such as thinking, deciding, and expressing) that allow students to adapt to new situations as well as attitudes and values (such as the willingness to learn and character) that would help them better relate to society and the world while living a more satisfying life.

21CoDOMoS streams lesson videos that demonstrate “agentive, dialogic, and deep learning” intended to build 21st century competencies. We hope that these lesson videos will provide teachers and education stakeholders the opportunity to learn, think, and discuss how to design lessons that aim to build student competencies.

We recommend using Google Chrome for Android devices as the Android default browser may not be optimal for streaming videos from this site.

About the videos

21CoDOMoS streams lesson videos of various subjects that were designed to build student competencies. These lessons were taught and recorded mainly at the Tokyo Gakugei University affiliated schools.

Multi-angle camera that captures the teacher, the students, and the entire classroom

Users can choose the camera angle depending on the perspective from which they wish to view the lesson.

Includes the teacher’s explanation, lesson plan, and a variety of lesson-related content

Each lesson video not only includes recordings of the lesson but also an interview with the teacher who provides a detailed explanation of the lesson, the lesson plan, an image of the blackboard and other lesson-related content. It also allows users to comment on the video.



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