We held a workshop on competency development using 21CoDOMoS in the teacher license renewal program


  On August 19, 2019, we conducted a workshop on competency development using our lesson video distribution system “21CoDOMoS” under the title of “Thinking about the ideal way of teaching to forster competences for children” in the teacher license renewal program.

  The lecturers were Takahiro Sekiguchi (educational psychology), Takuya Miyauchi (science education), Satoshi Suzuki (physical education), Tadashi Otani (engineering course education), Kazumi Yamada (Art course education), and Saori Amemiya (philosophy of education) from our teacher training WG. 38 teachers from elementary, junior high and high schools participated in the lectures and discussions over a one-day period. In the course, after Dr. Sekiguchi gave a lecture on “What is the competencies to be fostered for children”, participants watched videos of class for competency development (Junior high school science and physical education classes) using 21CoDOMoS, with explanations from both Dr. Miyauchi and Dr. Suzuki. After that, with Dr. Suzuki and Dr. Otani serving as facilitators, they discussed in the World Cafe style what kind of ideas and methods should be included in the class in order to develop children’s skills and minds such as “collaboration” “problem solving and foresight” “acceptance, empathy and respect” and “curiosity and inquistive mind” using the class video as a reference.

Watching class videos on 21CoDOMoS

  After that, based on the results of the discussions, they made a lesson plan for competency development, and conducted a mutual evaluation with Dr. Yamada as a facilitator.

Discussion on developing competencies

  By considering the development of competencies over the course of a day, we received many comments such as “Improved understanding of competency development” and “It was a substantial lecture.” In the future, we will continue to disseminate the results of our project in the form of teacher training program.