Tokyo Gakugei University International Student Exchange Center

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Japanese Language Subjects

The International Student Exchange Center offers five different levels of Japanese language subjects. Students hoping to take them must take a placement test that is held several days before the start of each semester.

Japanese Studies/Multicultural Co-learning Courses

Courses conducted in Japanese

Classes conducted in English (ISEP)

Courses conducted as part of ISEP are open to students who understand English. These courses also give good opportunities for Japanese students to prepare for their study abroad.

Intensive Japanese-Language Course

This intensive course is for government-sponsored MEXT research students and teacher training program students who have not yet acquired basic Japanese-language skills. A one-semester course that corresponds to Japanese-language course levels 4 and 5, it is offered twice a year.

International Exchange

The Tokyo Gakugei University International Student Exchange Center holds various events and projects in order to facilitate interactions between local and international students. If you are interested in participating in the activities organized by the International Student Exchange Center, please contact us.

Email: (Professor Tomoyuki Oka at the International Student Exchange Center)

International Student Cafe

Every Thursday we hold International Student Café at Gakugei Cafeteria during the lunchtime (12:10-12:40). It began in 2010 to create a space for everyday exchanges between international and local students. If you are interested in becoming a staff member, please come and join us.

International Exchange Retreat

We have an International Exchange Retreatevery spring (May). It began in 2010 to facilitate interactions between international and local students through staying over night together. Thus far, we have visited Lake Yamanaka, Kiyosato, Lake Kawaguchi and hot springs in Kusatsu, and the retreat in 2018 counted as the tenth retreat. We have activities in nature, exchange events at the inn, as well as group presentations. We have great time every year, and it has been memorable event for all who participated. This retreat is organized by student staff members.



Scholarship Applications and Payments

Japanese Government(MEXT) Scholarships
MEXT scholarship students receive a scholarship from the Japanese government.
Applicants need to be nominated by the Japanese embassy in each country or our partner universities. (As of 2022, those who are already in Japan are not eligible to apply for the scholarship.)
For more details, please refer to the following website.
>Details(University website English ver.)

Once you are awarded the scholarship and come to Japan, you will need to sign in with the International Division at the beginning of each month to reconfirm your enrollment. You must be careful to sign in time, otherwise you would not be able to receive the scholarship.
If you are going to be out of Japan for an entire calendar month, you will receive no scholarship payment for that month.

Scholarships Provided from JASSO
Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) offers scholarship for qualified international students through Japanese university’s student exchange programs. In case our scholarship programs are approved by JASSO, qualified exchange students will be able to receive 80,000 JPY per month. The screening of programs is held every January by JASSO. TGU select scholarship students after each semester’s application deadline based on their application documents and recommendation from each partner university. (Each student cannot apply for the scholarship individually.)


International students who have been in Japan for less than one year and need assistance with their Japanese-language studies can take advantage of TGU’s tutoring system. For details, please refer to the following page.
>Details(University website)

Japanese Support room for International Student

Japanese Support room for International Student is open twice a week by student tutors and volunteers for the purpose of providing support for language learning for international students as well as for the exchange between international and local students. The International Student Exchange Center provides advice for student tutors and volunteers. For details, please check bulletin boards or our website. We decide the specific dates and places of the meetings based on the availability of participating students. Please contact us via the email below if you are an international student and looking for support for language learning or a Japanese student who is interested in becoming a tutor or a volunteer at Japanese Support Room for International Student Exchange.

Email: (Professor Tomoyuki Oka at the International Student Exchange Center)

PC Rental Service

The PC free-rental service is provided by GISEC.
Please apply for the service at the GISEC office (2nd floor of Central Building 4).

Preparing for Emergencies

Disaster PreparednessLinkIcon


TGU offers the following housing facilities for international students and researchers: the International House, the Higashikurume International Student Dormitory, and the International Students Dormitory Association of Kodaira of Hitotsubashi University.


International House
International House consists of the single room building and the family/couple room building. Single rooms are provided for MEXT scholarship students, including research students, degree-seeking students, and teacher training program students. Family rooms are provided for international researchers.
>Overview(As of Oct. 2022)LinkIcon
*Those students who wish to stay at a family room should consult with the International Division.

Higashikurume International Student Dormitory
This Dormitory is an accommodation where both Japanese and international students are living together. International student’s rooms are offered mainly for MEXT Japanese studies students.
>Details(University Website)

ISDAK (International Students Dormitory Association of Kodaira of Hitotsubashi University)
This dormitory is provided for exchange students. All exchange students will be arranged to stay at this dormitory by the International Division. Each student does not need to apply for the dormitory individually.
>Details(ISDAK Website)

Part-Time Jobs

MEXT scholarship students are regarded to be able to concentrate on studying with enough amount of stipend without need for part-time job. In this reason, MEXT scholarship students are not allowed to do part-time job in principle with some exceptions. If you wish to join in paid activities with exceptional reasons, please consult with the International Division first.
Privately funded international students with a “college student” visa may hold a part-time job upon obtaining permission from the Immigration Bureau.
>Details (University website)

Temporarily Leaving Japan

When you plan to leave from Japan temporarily, please make sure to consult with your academic advisor and submit “Overseas Notification Form” to the International Division in advance.
>Details about Overseas Notification Form(University website)

Guidebook for International Students

>Guidebook for International Students